5 Content Marketing Habits to Break

Which habits do you need to break?

Which habits do you need to break?

We all do it, develop bad habits. For some people it’s biting their nails, for others it’s unknowingly sabotaging their content marketing. How do you stop these blunders? If you want your brand to be successful online, follow these five handy tips:

1. Quantity over quality – This is a big no-no. Instead of creating content that people want to engage with, you’re simply adding to the online noise. Content marketing is about what? Content! Higher quality blogs, posts, updates, etc. will gain more attention than sending out 20 poorly thought out tweets.

2. Same old, same old – Don’t get caught up in comfort. Yes, it’s easy to fall into a routine (it’s nice and warm), but content marketing is about creating posts that will stand out! People gravitate toward unique brands. That’s how yours should be.

3. Not distributing – You just wrote an amazing blog entry and it’s on your website, so you’re done, right? Wrong. Creation of quality content is just the first step. Share your work across multiple channels of social media, email, paid promotions and more! That way other people can share it easily, too.

4. Creating content without an audience in mind – Sharing cute cat videos is nice and all (and everyone likes them), but does it really pertain to your brand? Content marketing needs to be useful, entertaining and relevant to your target audience. So give the cats a rest–unless your brand is a pet store, then go for it!

5. Ignoring sales – Use the knowledge from sales to find out what worked for content marketing. The sales people are the ones talking to clients, finding out how they came to become a customer, and can give you the proper feedback to continue your successful marketing campaign. Don’t rule them out!

Now that you have the tools to break these content marketing bad habits, what are you going to do about it?

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